Kim Larsen with This Is My Life (live 2001)

This is My Life med Kim Larsen. Det kan vara en av de bästa låtarna som finns, och här har ni den kompletta texten.

This is my lifeThis is my timeJust show me the lightAnd I go there.
Give me the wineBitter and sweetAnd a little bit of breadThat’s all I need.
No, I don’t want the gold from XanaduI think I leave it all to youWhao-ao-aaThis is my life and I don’t care.
This is my street (Whao-ao-aa)Are you restless feetCarry me on to anywhere.
Take the fear
Take it away (feaar, take it away)And give me some hopeFor one more day.
I saw a ghost behind the doorWhen the kids were coming home from the warWhao-ao-aaWith broken dreams and nothing more.
I heard a woman singing her songAnd it was good and warm and strongWhao-ao-aaShe made me cry I don’t know why.
No-no-no-noI don’t want to bring you downI declare it’s good to be hereWhao-ao-aaThis is my life and I don’t care!

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